Google announced as far back as 2014 that it would start giving preferential search ranking to more secure sites (e.g. those with SSL encryption). However, later this month (January 2017), Google will further advance their agenda of making the web a safer place, by starting to actively warn Chrome users of web pages that are “Not Secure” when they interact with a page that requests a password or credit card number.

If any part of your site has a login, sells a product, or frankly, collects data from visitors of any kind, you will benefit from implementing an SSL. Eventually, all pages that are Not Secure will be so labeled.

Soon, your website will look like this without a security layer. This is obviously no bueno for user confidence, and that’s Google’s entire point.


To fix this, Let’s Encrypt!

You’ve probably seen the little green lock primarily on e-commerce sites like or on payment sites like That coveted little green lock indicates that you are interacting with a site that has an added layer of security, called an SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which verifies the identity of the website and also encrypts your interactions with it. In short, it helps protect your passwords, credit card numbers, and naughty searches from the prying eyes of ne’er-do-wells that may be trying to do you harm.

Sites that add this layer of security are accessed at https:// rather than just http://.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this works, below is a well-done video on the subject:

A website that is not secure is no longer an option for businesses that want to rank well and provide visitors with consumer confidence. 

Below is the TL;DR version of why you should implement SSL on your company website this month:

  1. Google will reward you with higher SEO ranking
  2. Your visitors will feel more comfortable and confident interacting with your site
  3. You may reduce any liability you face by having a less secure site
  4. Soon, Chome (and likely other browsers) will actively warn your users that your site is “Not Secure.”

Did we mention that adding this layer of web security for existing clients is a breeze. Or a strong wind. Or sometimes a hurricane. But either way, we take care of it! So, ask us about it today.

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